East Village Summer Programs

Stop The Summer Slide! Summer is an opportunity to continue your child’s learning during a time when they are the most relaxed.

2024 Summer Camp Programs

It is widely documented that without structured learning, children are likely to lose 1 to 3 months of reading and math skills over summer vacation This is commonly referred to as the “summer slide.” Cure the Summer Slide with our suite of summer enrichment camps.

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Summer Steam Academy
Ages 5-10

Children will explore weekly STE(A)M-based adventures, interact with our SmartBoard Learning Station, engage in role play, do arts and crafts, conduct experiments, improve their math and literacy skills and have lots of free play time with their friends!

Summer Academic Boot Camp
Ages 5-12

Our Summer Academic Boot Camp is a skill based math & reading and writing program. Children are given individualized instruction based on their academic level to improve their mental math, critical thinking skills, reading comprehension and writing ability.

JR Summer Steam Academy
Ages 3-5

A mini-sized version of our Summer STE(A)M Academy. Fun and learning in ways unique to our FasTracKids summer camp curriculum.

Summer Educational Preschool
Ages 2-5

Educational preschool powered by FasTracKids. These programs are based on several of the world’s top early childhood educators and philosophies.