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The A in STEAM

A Good Start with STEM

The acceptance of STEM as a priority of the U.S. educational system over the last few decades is sure to benefit future generations of Americans. Widespread gains in science, technology, engineering, and math achievement are likely to bolster our economy and better our ability to compete on the world stage in an era of globalization. Largely left behind, however – and currently relegated to parenthetical status – has been arts education. In fact, more than a few arts programs have been sacrificed to make way for test-focused STEM lessons. Fortunately, educators have recently begun to appreciate the value of integrating arts education into STEM programs. The new framework taking hold – with art woven in – mirrors that used at FasTracKids and better leverages students’ learning potential.

Going Beyond

A November 2018 article by eSchool News emphasizes three ways a STEAM approach has enhanced elementary learning:

  1. By encouraging unique problem-solving
  2. By emphasizing hands-on learning
  3. By building confidence

At FasTracKids, however, we’ve broken the benefits down into 5 areas of proficiency which are applicable to all subject-matter areas.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Confidence

Skills for Future STEM Careers

By placing value on the creative process, a STEAM approach goes beyond test scores and correct answers to make room for brainstorming, experimentation, prototyping, and failure. It allows for confidence to coexist with failures along the path to finding an effective solution. When you consider STEAM careers, it’s easy to see how the A factors into all of them. Art is human expression. It’s imagination. The jobs of tomorrow will demand the ability not just to apply math and science skills, but to communicate effectively and to conceptualize solutions to unprecedented problems. At FasTracKids, we believe the A in STEAM contributes an additional dimension of critical thinking that exponentially improves kids’ ability to navigate and impact the world around them. It’s easy to see how these five strengths have the potential to enrich students’ performance in the STEM subject areas and beyond. It’s the A in STEAM that sets FasTracKids apart from other enrichment and accelerated learning programs.

Manhattan Enrichment

At FasTracKids’ Upper East Side Manhattan enrichment center, we’re preparing New York City children for school and life through fun, proven programs, many of which are STEAM-focused. The FasTracKids STE(A)M Enrichment Class, designed to stimulate the mental development of 3-to 7-year-old children, is the first step toward acing the NYC Gifted & Talented Entrance Exam. The year-long STE(A)M Careers class lets kids explore different careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – all while developing new skills. If you want to give your potentially gifted child the best possible tools for discovering their unique gifts and talents at their own pace, schedule a tour of our Upper East Side learning center and learn more about our premier enrichment programs today.

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