Manhattan Preschool & Toddler Enrichment Programs

With studies showing that about one third of children’s intellectual skills will be developed by age six, it is important to increase your young child’s exposure to a variety of experiences. Our preschool classes do just that. We also employ gradual separation techniques to prepare children for school.


FasTrack Tots

Ages 2 – 3.5

As your child crawls, wiggles and laughs, they are investigating their world. Two-year-olds explore and test out their world by using all their senses and making their own conclusions. Our FasTrack® Tots class helps meet the need of your toddler by providing a first step to independent learning and collaborative friendships.

FasTrack Tots is a structured one-hour class that gives your young learner their first school experience. Children 2 – 3.5 years old constructively develop and enhance their curiosity, communication, concentration, self-esteem and social skills. As children learn important social skills to build collaborative friendships, they enjoy hands-on activities and guided play. Children engage in songs, movement, art and other fun hands-on activities geared to help your learner develop important skills that will give them a strong foundation for preschool, formal school and life.

FasTrack Explorers

Ages 2 – 3

The preschool experience sets the stage for your child’s attitude towards school. The best first school experience for your child is through FasTrack®Explorers. Our proven method of delivering a firm foundation for learning is available as a multi-day preschool program. Our FasTrack Explorers’ curriculum for 2-3 year olds will provide your child an interactive, traditional and digital learning experience blended with opportunities to collaborate with teachers and peers.

FasTrack Discoverers

Ages 3 – 4

FasTrack®Discoverers is a multi-day program and subject-based curriculum. Using the FasTracKids® STEAM Enrichment program along with other developmentally appropriate activities, children 3 – 4 years old can improve their communication and language skills. Children are also introduced to activities that improve handwriting, literacy, phonics, math and music knowledge – all while having fun. This program runs three hours a day, 3 – 5 days a week.